New Zine Interns Signing On

It’s that time–new ziners are here!

Two weeks ago, a group of six, talented new writers started writing and making art in the Zine Project.

One of their first assignments is to complete a staff profile page, describing a little bit about themselves.

Most just include the usual paragraph, but one of our new ziners was so impassioned about being here, they wrote a poem to introduce themselves.

Check it out!

Million Dollars

Josh: Zine Intern

by Josh
If I had a million dollars,
I would blow it all on having fun.
I would take a trip to Baton Rouge,
and sit under the sun.
I would fake a tan, slowly stand,
and watch the waves run.
I would compare me to Bruno,
but I hope u know I would soft and gently hum.

I’d eat spicy food, crawfish too,
that almost weight’s a ton.
No I won’t stop,
till my stomach drop’s
and then I’ll know I’m done.
There would be no problem with a million dollars,or I could not think of one.

I heard of zine while I was down a stream of just becoming a bum.
I read to u threw these words of mine and add up the sum.
I love to write, don’t usually type these finger don’t seem to drum.
Could u picture art
if u were that smart with a million dollars or none.

I’d write a million things and call it zine knowing it will come.

Thanks Josh, great work.

Be sure, readers, to check out our updated staff page, complete with the rest of our new and interesting interns.


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