Everyone says family over everything! Family first.

Yeah first to

 Lie to you

 Steal from you

Hurt you

Bash you

Abandon you

Beat you

Leave you

 So why family first?

“Keep your family close and your enemies close”

Family is just some people you share some blood with.

The say “blood is thicker than water”

But water is genuine opposed to them.

Water can cleanse you, it can wash

Off the dirt and the hurt

from a days work.

Water can hydrate and lift you

Like you walked up a big hill

And you can’t breath

Until you’ve taken a gulp.

My Dad and step-mom are like water to me.

 I’m so used to negative people,

When I get around anyone positive again,

I feel good.

When I’m driving around in their car

I feel safe, knowing I don’t have to worry about anything.

My Wrap-around team are like water to me.

Because I am so used to being stuck on the negative things

 about my life, they help me come to terms

that I am a working person-in-progress

trying to do all things right.

They help me with that ,

not by telling me that but showing me.

Blood or not blood

These people are water to me,

they’re what I need to survive.


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