By Juan

 Music to me is my serene place,

My own get away in my mind

and unearths me into a state of thought.

Everything racing and going around rotating

 like a food processor shearing it all up

 and assembling for the consumption


trying to make sense of the real world.

Bass is levitated and I can feel the vibe

 throughout my veins journeying

 from cranium to metacarpals

like a quick jolt of static.

It’s what makes the hairs on my neck raise

it’s what makes me get up in the morning

and sleep at night. I thirst for it

like a new born infant’s hunger for its mother’s milk.


I desire it like the Sun and Moon

 and the stars along with the clouds;

The whole fucking sky is gone and disappeared

 and all you have left

 his a half working pair of headphones and the impervious melody’s echoing in my ears.

And now it’s all black.


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