I Am

By Chevonna 

I am like a fly in the world

Just wondering, floating, and flying around.

Looking for food, shelter, and comfort.

Throughout it all, I might get

 Smashed, stuck or simply keep going.


I am like the girl at the bar

That’s been there a little too long

 But I just can’t get enough.

Can I get a refill?

I am like a river

Polluted with all the things

People are putting in my head—this and that

The chemicals of lies, the toxins of negativity.


I am like the world

Some people want to build me up

To make it better,

Some people want to tear me down.


I am like Helen Keller,

In reality I’m blind

But on the inside,

I can see.


I’m like

The girl that has been through some

And has some more to go

But I see the light

And I will go on.

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