June-August Zine Group Graduation

Zine Graduation June-Aug 2012

Zine Graduation June-Aug 2012

The Zine Project has graduated yet another group of interns!

On August 3rd, four interns completed the project by reading their poetry to a small audience of family members, friends and service providers here at UDYC.

Zine Graduates, Jun-Aug. 2012

Zine Graduates, Jun-Aug. 2012

The interns read original, heart-felt pieces documenting their successes, struggles and hopes. As always there was laughter and tears, but also delight.

“I noticed their poetry was full of images,” says Audrey, a Wrap Around Facilitator for CCS.

Zine Graduates June-Aug, 2012

Zine Graduates June-Aug, 2012

After reading, interns answered thoughtful questions by the audience about their process and experience. Several of the youth shared what a great coping skill writing had become for them and that in Zine they’d gone deeper with their writing than they had before.

If you’d like to attend a Zine Graduation and get the powerful experience of hearing our youth read, sign up to be on The Zine Project’s Grad Evite list. Click Subscribe to our newsletter and receive updates every 8-10 weeks on Graduation dates.

You can also check out our intern’s zines on our Zine Store page. Click each zine cover image to check out sample pages of youth writing and art work.

UDYC Program Manager, Erin checks out some writing by Natalie

UDYC Program Manager, Erin checks out some writing by Natalie


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