You Are Worth More

By Ester

Sparrow by Ester

Sparrow by Ester

People used to tell me money can’t buy everything,

Like for example


I’m priceless.

So are all the girls out there doing what I used to do.

Your body is worth more than a few racks,

A sophisticated car,

Or some Gucci purses.

That’s all materialistic shit.

You can lose all that and get it back,

But its hard getting your dignity and self esteem back.


When those men see you out there selling yourself,

They don’t give two fucks about you.

They just see you as a cash dispenser,

 You’re not that.

You’re worth more than a fuck

and all the money in the world.


Nobody cares about a ho,

But people do care about you when you have self respect.

If you have self respect, you wouldn’t let yourself

get taken advantage of.

If you don’t have self respect,

 This world does have places that WILL help you

get all your shit together.

You aren’t alone in this world,

People are willing to help women get away from prostitution,

Because you are worth way more

than a whole bunch of Benjamin’s.


Don’t forget you aren’t alone in this world,

I been there before,

And I overcame it.

You can too.



1 thought on “You Are Worth More

  1. A really strong piece, that is absolutely true. It’s great that you recognize your value, and that self respect is more priceless than gold. Also that you’re able to point the way for other girls.

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