When You’re A Child…

By Ester  

When you’re a child the only sickness you know is

chicken pox and a cold.

When you grow up chicken pox turns into herpes

and a cold turns into AIDS.

When you’re a child the only high you know is

swinging high on a swing.

When you grow up the high you used to know

 turns into a blunt and a crack pipe.


Ester Zine Intern

When you’re a child being good

means listening to mom and dad,

When you grow up

being good means not going to jail.

When you’re a child having a boyfriend means

holding hands and flying balloons,

When you grow up having a boyfriend

means sex and drama.


When you’re child an accident means accidently

not going to the bathroom fast enough,

When you grow up an accident means a car crash

that involves loss of money

and getting hurt.


When you’re a child,

 money is monopoly’s colorful money,

When you grow up money is

paying bills and the worry of debt.

When you’re a child you think

the world is a fairytale,

When you grow up

the fairytale turns into a scary movie. 


In some ways,

I’m still like a child because

I am only 15 years old,

And I like to have fun like my baby sister.


In other ways, childhood is gone

I had to grow up too fast,

And my childhood slipped right through my fingers like water.


One thought on “When You’re A Child…

  1. This is very touching and rings true. And the use of parallel phrases is excellent, reminds me of the psalms in the Bible.

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