A blade made of truth

by Natalie

cthulhu stencil by natalie

cthulhu stencil by natalie

Drugs used to hurt me
 Stab me like a knife in the side
 all that is left are scars now, deeper
than any cut I’ve made before
but not one you can easily see.
 You see drugs,
they no longer rule me. 
I’m no longer a weak pawn that breaks
down and gives in.
I see the other side.
 I know it’s there but I’m strong now
like a blade made of truth
cutting through the lies I used to believe
 and the vile monster I used to hide behind.
I’m aware you may try to sneak back into my life
 But I’m prepared. 
I’ve got   something you never gave me
something stronger  than you will ever know. 
I’ve got soul
and it will outshine any darkness you try to cover me in
any it will ward off any evil you send my way.
I may stand strong and tall
shinning bright like a peaceful soul
but I still weep for the others that have fallen in this battle
for the others that are still fighting
for the others that will never stop fighting
and most of all for the ones that no nothing of our battle –
people that don’t know the experience
and don’t know that sometimes people don’t have a choice.
Drugs are just like war,
 you feel like it could never come to your land
but someday, they could show up on your shore.


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