Getting off the streets

 By Sasha

Being homeless off and on for 11 years
On going for 4 years
Using meth just to keep me awake at
Night so I’d not be raped
Assaulted or killed.
Many nights not getting into shelter
Causing anger
And the feeling of
Self destruction
And loneliness.
One day I decided to get off the streets
To stop using drugs
And finish school.
I’ve had a few relapses.
I’ve had times where I wanted to use
Or drink and die
Because I was so mad upset with life
But to this day
I’ve been clean for two months
Sober for five and off the streets for
Over three months.
I’m doing this for my daughter
And my family
Because they don’t deserve to
Hear I’ve died due to my addictions.
I want my family and daughter to hear that
I got through it
And decided to stop using
That I’m a “brave heart” like my mom says
Because I’ve been through so much and am
Still fighting.
I want them to hear that
I’m a fighter
I won’t give up even when things get
really bad.
I want them to know I’m strong
able to empathize with people
who have been in similar situations.
I want them to know I won’t give up.

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