by anonymous

by anonymous

Makes me think
of a nursery rhyme.
Life is but a dream.

It makes me think
of teamwork.
I’m not necessarily going to be in someone else’s canoe
to be part of a team.
It’s like I’m riding my own canoe
along with other people riding in their canoes
On the same body of water,
A lake.
It may seem competitive, but
What we’re really trying to do is just move along and just do.

The lake can be like a river because
We always have to make quick decisions
Because the lake might have tide pools
or be wavy and rocky.
We see people struggling to survive.
People paddling too slow, going the wrong ways.
We might think someone’s going too slow
but they’re just taking their time
Or going as fast as they can.
Other times, we see people tipping
And we make sure they don’t drown.
Sometimes people need to be allies of others
Riding the canoes.
So it won’t ever have to be up to one person
To be the hero of the person drowning
So we can make it across
To the other side of the lake.
So we can find a home,
Another country,
Or a dream.


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