Hair Tie

by DeWayne

I carry it with me no matter where I go, my hair tie.
It’s wrapped around my wrist
like a $500 bracelet or expensive designer watch. My hair tie
is my best friend. It’s with me through thick and thin.
It knows my struggle, my pain, because it has walked it with me.
My hair tie never disappoints
nor does it oppose. It merely stays close to me
 like a lover that is entranced by my every being.
I have had plenty hair ties in the past.
Plenty rubber bands and hair ties
that were faithful companions to me.
Now it’s my strung-out no-stretch, black hair tie.
 I can’t use it for my hair anymore,
because it has lost the vigor of its stretch
and won’t wrap around my hair anymore.
So it didn’t get demoted or promoted, merely moved
to where it finally rests
on my right wrist. It’s not a definite move
but it is one that we are happy with at the moment.
Double-layered, it doesn’t fall too far down my arm,
or raise too high up my hand. No.
It sits comfortable at my right hand, through thick and thin.


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