This Planet Is My Safe Place

By Josh

The Earth and I are the same.

I feel safest when I am grounded to my planet.

I live freely, just as Earth does. Earth is abundant in resources, information and love the same way I am.

Earth’s purpose. Rotate around the Sun until the day it can rotate no more.
My purpose. Keep moving, doing and being me until the day I may no longer be.

I am here with the planet as it is here with me.
My body is as much water as the Earth’s.
We are the Same.

I have free will and can do what I please, the Earth cannot.
We are different.
The Earth is my best friend. I share with it my struggles, it points me in the best direction.

It shows me it’s own struggles, and I buck the system to make sure my friend’s voice is heard aloud.

Earth protects me, and I do my best to protect it the same.
I love my planet, and pledge to overcome those inconsiderate bitches who don’t know how to love it.
I will conquer, with my planet’s aid.

And my planet shall live longer with mine.
I am safest in nature.

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