Children of the Struggle

By Ashley

When I got to work one day, Shaun gave us the prompt: “I want, I need, I fear, I hope, and I love”. We only had two minutes to write about each idea. Here is my piece. Hope you enjoy.

The Children of the Struggle

worst day   beautiful

"Worst Day, Beautiful", by Ashley

I want to hear the crystal clear
water of the ocean
lapping up against the sandy sea-shore.
I want the world to accept me
for who I am,
and not a whore.
I want the gods
to guide me,
on a path that will bring me joy.
and I want to be treated with
not as a toy.
I need a blanket of love
wrapped so tight around my soul
that there is no way I could ever let it go.
I need my lips to be kissed softly,
and your tender touch on my skin.
I need coffee in the morning,
and a pick-me-up in the afternoon.
I fear failure and starfish.
I fear the loss of a person close to me.
I fear success and love .
I fear emotions,
but I will rise above.
I hope that one day,
my world can be harmonious,
and that life will be tremendous.
I hope the stars will not collide,
and that my cards will align.
I hope that I can learn how to make a difference in the world
so that one day the children of the struggle
don’t have to sleep in the cold.
I love that not everything has to be perfect to be beautiful.
I love that my smile is crooked,and that I don’t have to be a Barbi to be accepted.

I really enjoyed writing this piece because it was timed. I had to think of things to say quickly, stay on topic, and also sound good at the same time.


One thought on “Children of the Struggle

  1. You are already making a difference by expressing yourself so well! This was an inspiring piece to read with my morning coffee. My day is off to a great start. Thank you for sharing!

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