The Book of Life, from a Homeless Seattle Youth

By Josh

My own life is a book, but only I can read it in it’s truest form. I look at things in my life, and I am faced with a choice: accept things as they are and change them where I can, or ignore them and move on to a different page of my life and lose track of my own story. I cannot erase or re-write anything in my past for it is in permanent ink, but I have the choice of what I want to write in the next sentence. My book is available in only one language, and only I understand that language and can speak it fluently. That explains why not everyone understands me all of the time.

Life is about creating yourself, my friends, not finding yourself. You can find inspiration everywhere, but you must choose which influences get the lucky opportunity to affect the changes in your life. The pen is permanent, but it is in your hands and your hands only.

When other people attempt to read your book and judge you, they are only taking a break from focusing on their own book of life because they cannot handle themselves. Let them be. Life is also about discovering your own spirit person, and being able to self-manage and self-regulate your life. In summary, gain control of that pen and consciously decide what is being written in the pages of your story.

Love to all, and remember, love is a living energy. Pass it on.