Mama’s Love

Mamma's Love

The author's family

By “Weelah”

Mama’s love was real—
The only love I’ve known that cured
The pain, the anger, the frustration and the tears.
She always treated us fair
 and most of all, she treated us with care.
Thru everything I faced,
To everyone I was—but to mama
I was never a disgrace.
Just her little baby girl
Who found herself in the wrong place.
Mama’s love never changed.
Even though we cost her sleep and pain,
Mama’s love was still the same.
Mama was always there,
Even when she was sick .
Mama would pray for her kids.
She was the strongest women I knew.
She fought thru our storms and her own.

I love you mama with all my heart.
And there is no one in the world
That would replace mama’s love.

And even though mama died,
mama’s love will always be in my heart.


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