Life for Me


Hi readers

This is something I wrote to start my zine out with. This is how I view life and I hope that when others read this, they will feel the same way I do about how precious life is. I hope you all enjoy!

Collage By:Weelah

 Life is not something to be taken advantage of.  We only have one life, so live it— don’t waste it. No matter what your situation is. Life is not a bitch, the people around you that are making your life difficult, are a bitch. The hard situation is there to make you, not break you and the decisions you make is what makes your life.

      Look at me— I’m a young, homeless female struggling  everyday to find myself and thru all of this, I choose to keep my head up high, my faith strong, and my hopes up. That is my decision and life couldn’t be any better. I may be considered “homeless”, but I have someone to pull me up when I am down and I have people to point me to my destination when I get lost and most importantly, I have people that love me even when I feel like I don’t love myself.

      So cherish your life. Every moment you live is yours. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Look at what you got, not what you don’t have because that tends to bring you down and it makes life a lot more difficult than it has to be. So Live. Love. Learn & laugh off the bullshit.


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